And Finally…………

4th September 2012

And finally………… I’ve come to the end of the road with The Art of Photography, or have I?

Although I may well have completed all the parts from one to five, all the projects, all the exercises (well most of them) and all the assignments, kept a learning log of sorts, interfaced with my tutor (do you like that word) and submitted my final assignment, I know full well that there’s still work to do.  Like; replacing the images that didn’t quite make the grade, the final assessment review rework and getting things ready for assessment, but all-in-all the back has been broken on the job and now I’m off to pastures new, Digital Photography Practice and, I hope, People and Place.

So what am I taking away from this that I didn’t have before I started?

Well, without reading my entire log from beginning to end (no-one should suffer cruel and unusual punishment) I’d have to say a very great deal.  For a start my outlook about what photographic art is has turned 180 degrees, no longer is a charging bear or a view across a misty valley the peak of artistic purity!  My ability to compose an image has improved (to me anyway…… you cynics), my abilities to critique established artists has improved no end (even if some of the conclusions make tutors laugh), and many other things that go toward making me a more rounded artist, note artist not photographer.  A more rounded photographer will only come with constant practice of the things I’ve learned from the technical aspect of TAoP and by continuing to study the next modules which will extend my abilities further.  But the most important thing I’m taking away is the knowledge that I’m beginning to know what I don’t know, and that’s the first step to enlightenment.


5 Responses to And Finally…………

  1. Catherine says:

    Very positive. I know from being with you on study Visits that you are so enthusiastic and committed to the Course. Best of luck with DPP & P&P. Are you going to do them both together?

  2. Vicki Loader says:

    How I remember that discussion about the bear on the OCA forum – Lerpy’s Dichotomy you called it—and it was early August last year! I mentioned it in my learning log—the offline one—it made an impression of me!!

    I’ve always held to that idea of four levels of knowledge: unconscious ignorance 9not knowing what you don’t know) conscious ignorance (being aware of what you don’t know; conscious knowledge (knowing what you know) and unconscious knowledge (when that knowledge becomes part of you). I reckon you have made huge leaps; and even maybe into the knowing what you know!!

    Good luck with DPP. I’m hoping to get there—if I ever get this lighting assignment monkey off my back!! Let us know the name of your new blog if you make one.

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