Project: Rhythms and Patterns

Produce at least two images, one should convey rhythm and the other pattern.


Swirls: f/8 ISO 100 1/500″ 400mm

Swirls has a very gentle pattern that the eye follows from the aeroplanes toppling over at the height of their climb back through the smoke loop and down the wavy and twisted smoke trails to the bottom of picture.


Punched Tape: f/6.7 ISO 100 1/500″ 220mm

When I first entered into the commercial world of computers, the first quick, mass data entry system that was attached to the CPU was a teletype machine with a punched tape reader.  The punched tape consists of a continuous paper tape with a sprocket drive hole down its centre.  The data are then formed from a series of up to seven holes in a line and the pattern of the holes determines the character.  When I saw these sheep I was immediately struck by the similarity and chose to use them to represent pattern.

Exercise Learning

This was a fun exercise and I thoroughly enjoyed finding my two images.  It led me to look again at pictures I’ve taken in the past where patterns particularly have dominated, although rhythm in more subtle form has also been very attractive to me.  I was particularly pleased to have  an opportunity to revisit a batch of photographs I took about four years ago at the Alhambra in Granada where the Moorish palace has fantastic carvings of Koranic writing all over the walls and ceiling with lots of rhythmic passages through arched doors and tiled courtyards.


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