Project: Narrative

Exercise: A Narrative Picture Essay

This exercise requires you to set an assignment then photograph it.  Using the shape and size of each image create an interesting layout and write a short caption under each one describing what it shows.

I was recently invited to photograph a civic parade by the local town council, ‘The Freedom of the Town’ for the local Royal Engineers regiment that is due to leave the area in the next twelve months and is a recognition of their support and work within the local community before the garrison closes for good.  ‘Freedom of the Town’  allows the regiment to march through the town  and its environs with flags flying, drums and fifes playing and bayonets fixed and is the ultimate honour that a civic body can bestow on a military unit.

Old and New

Multi-National, Cross-Service

For Those Already Gone

Off We Go

Bringing Up The Rear

Follow That  Music

Through The Streets & The Crowd

Waiting & Waiting For The VIP’s

General’s & Mayor’s Inspect

What We Came Here For
The Freedom Charter

All Done…. Say Goodbye

Marching Off Parade

Right Turn

Fall Out, Go Home


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