Behind The Lens – Anna Fox & Natasha Coruana

A book about research in photography ……… ugh ………. but no, actually it’s not.

This was a book I awaited delivery for!  It was well worth the time as its packed full of extremely useful information on ‘How To’, how to research your photographic project from start to finish and, if like me, you’ve never had to research such a project this text just made my life a hell-of-a-lot easier.

I have to say that having read the book from cover to cover I will need to do so again as it’s written in such a way that there are activities to attempt at the end of each chapter, which I admit I skipped on the first reading.  I’m glad I did as I think I’ll get a lot more from the book a second time through because I’ve an idea where things are heading and can anticipate some of the requirements of the activities and make more of them, possibly making a good attempt at a project I want to complete along the way.

When you get to the last couple of chapters you do get a feeling that perhaps they should have been at the beginning of the book as I think they’re the meat of what the book’s all about.  But I also recognise that the authors have a great deal of experience between them and they must have had reasons for laying out the chapters as they have done.

If you want a book that you’ll read again and again and from which you’ll get something extremely useful, go out and get a copy, you won’t regret it.


One Response to Behind The Lens – Anna Fox & Natasha Coruana

  1. Vicki Loader says:


    I read it too—and posted some mindmaps here:

    Feel free to download them if you wish. And make any comments if you think I missed something that I should add to them.

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