Project: Looking Through the Viewfinder

Exercise: Fitting the Frame to the Subject

Taking a subject that is clear in appearance and compact in shape, that can be accessed close to and at a distance and from various angles; take four photographs, 1) As a regular shot without too much thought and planning 2)  Fill the frame with the object, up to the edges but no further 3) Close in, so none of the edges of the object show, and photograph just a portion 4)   Move right back and take a shot of the object so that it takes up a quarter or less of the frame.  Compare the images with those in the instruction manual and note the similarities of scale and proportion.  Take the original image and make alternative crops of the subject.

Image 1: f/22 ISO 800 1/60″ 50mm

Image 2: f/22 ISO 1600″ 1/125 105mm

Image 3: f/22 ISO 1600″ 1/125 135mm

Image 4: f/22 ISO 1250″ 1/125 105mm

Crop 1

Crop 2

Crop 3

Crop 4

Exercise Learning

Image 1, 2 & 4 I think speak for themselves.  Image 3 shows a lot of detail; the eyelashes, the hair growing through the mud on the hide, the shape of the ear of an African elephant.

All the images show a similar proportion to the instruction manual and have proved that point, it has also shown how much of the frame can be used to provide a recognisable image without the need for any other surroundings and support.

The crops I think are the fascinating exercise; Crop 1 has made the image much more interesting as it’s removed a lot of surrounding ‘dead’ space.  Crop 2 has achieved a similar objective, although now the elephant seems to be entirely in the open, whereas Crop 1 shows a foreground boundary.  Crop 3 has achieved the visual implication that a near 3m tall animal is quite short when compared with the background trees and Crop 4 has achieved an optical illusion of looking up at the elephant when in fact the animal is actually downhill from the point it was taken.


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