Project: Available Light

Exercise: Tungsten and fluorescent lighting

This exercise requires you to use your judgement of light colours as well as make the images required.  

Part 1

In a room lit fairly brightly with tungsten lamps and wait until just after sunset.  With the curtains open stand close to the window and look out for about one minute until your eyes become adjusted.  Turn to look at the room, what colour does it appear to be?  Allow your eyes to adjust to the light in the room and then turn to the window and look out, what colour does the light outdoors appear to be?

After looking outside for a few minutes and then looking into the room, the room light appears to be yellow.  After my eyes became accustomed to the room light I looked outside and the ambient light appeared blueish.

Part 2

When the light levels indoors and out are approximately equal compose an image where the interior lit by tungsten lamps and the exterior at dusk  are both visible.  Make three images with the white balance set first to Auto, then to Tungsten and finally daylight.  Compare the results , what differences are there?

Lit with Tungsten, White Balance Auto

Lit with Tungsten, White Balance Tungsten

Lit by Tungsten, White Balance Daylight

The image with WB set to Tungsten is has a definite blue caste whilst the image with Daylight WB appears more red than the image with WB Auto.

Part 3

Find two different rooms lit by fluorescent lighting, if possible make one of the interiors lit with CFL lamps.  Make two images in each room depicting the same scene, set the white balance first to Fluorescent and then Auto.  Compare the results, what are the differences?

Lit with CFL lamps, White Balance Auto

Lit with CFL lamps, White Balance Fluorescent

Whilst the lamp light may appear white, by comparison to the true fluorescent tubes its yellow.  Overall the WB set to Fluorescent has a very much bluer caste than that set to Auto which, when compared to the true wall colour is paler than the real.

Lit with Fluorescent Tubes, White Balance Auto

Lit with Fluorescent Lamps, White Balance Fluorescent

Auto WB appears to be slightly more yellow than the other image.


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