1st July 2011

I received one of the regular email newsletters from the OCA on Tuesday about ANOTHER  interview with a tutor……yawn!

There was something, and I really don’t know what, that made me keep this one and return to it yesterday and again this morning.  I read the interview through twice, and on both occasions I was struck by an indefinable something that made me say to myself, “is he talking a language about photography that I can relate to?”  I think he does.

So I decided to use the ubiquitous Google to see what else I could find.  Well it is possible to confuse him with another Jesse Alexander – Photographer on the web, but there is an age and genre difference, so when that’s been sorted out you get to see the images of the Jesse Alexander this post is about.

I’m not going to try to tell anyone what they’re about, I don’t think I can rail about reading meaning into images in one post and then try to analyse someone else’s work in the next. All I will say is that I found all his images refreshing, and some of the Tuscan views quite stunning.

P.S. I don’t think any interpretation is needed with his images, they stand on their own.

Have a look, it’s well worthwhile.


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