Found Some Mojo

2nd October 2011

I was out at my granddaughters birthday party last weekend and one of the things we did as a family was to drive from Colchester where she lives to Clacton-on-Sea where she loves to go onto the pier for the rides.

Even on a Sunday afternoon at the sea-side

A clairvoyant needing a newspaper to find out what's going on Ha Ha

I was hoping to get some photographs for my projects that were entirely different from around where I live, but I was suddenly hit by the scenario I’d been presented of typical Essex people on a day out too.  So I set to work and took some candid images of what I saw from the feelings they evoked when seeing them for the first time.  Some of the people cottoned on to what I was doing and looked quizzically at me, but none questioned my right to photograph them which pleased me greatly as candid photography with a big SLR can be quite intimidating.  The results are somewhat mixed but I feel for a first effort on this they’re not bad and it’s reinvigorated me to really start photographing again outside of just what’s needed for the course.

Look at the bloke using the litter bin to lean on

Two very big blokes, probably brothers, one camera-shy


2 Responses to Found Some Mojo

  1. Good for you. I seem to lose my own mojo every couple of weeks and it’s been like that since I started the course. I’ve discovered that, eventually, I get so frustrated and fed-up that I tell myself I can ignore the exercises for a couple of days. I just go off somewhere with my camera, photograph whatever appeals to me, and come back feeling refreshed and invigorated. Glad you’ve discovered the same.


  2. Eddy Lerp says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one and this last weekends trip to the V & A has certainly given me much food for thought.

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