The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Charlotte Cotton

A less rigorous test of my understanding of the English language  than that from Mr Clarke, but quite a bit more than Szarkowski or Badger, so in fact not too bad a read, but not a twice in a row book either.

Plenty of photographic references and good explanations of the divisions she’s set within the book.  It was very entertaining to discover that landscape photography has a ‘deadpan’ genre, I was unaware that landscape could impart any expression other than the one it portrays to everyone!

Tableaux, intimate life and deadpan became more real through the descriptions and pictures depicted within the book and I’ve come away with a better understanding of what motivated various artists to produce their particular range of work.

A very worthwhile read and something I’d like to read again later when I’ve had chance to visit some exhibitions and study the genre’s in real life.


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