Am I Beginning To See The Light?

12th July 2011

As I near the first assignment I’ve finally realised that the projects and exercises aren’t necessarily there as simply something for absolute beginners to complete to show they’re mastering the mechanics of photography, they also highlight important principles of the art involved.  Now to some that may seem obvious and will label me a moron for not recognising that the moment I opened the tutorial book and read the material.  But I’ll bet I’m not the only one who’s been led to this epiphany at some earlier or later stage of the journey but hasn’t necessarily admitted it in case they appear foolish.

Appearing foolish to our peers is something of a cultural problem we all face from time to time, and asking that ‘I know it’s a silly question but…..’ doesn’t in my opinion do that, it’s entirely the opposite.  How many times have I sat in lectures when someone has imparted wisdom by asking that ‘silly question’, not because I didn’t necessarily know the answer, but because they looked at the subject from a different point of view and made my train of thought follow a different track.

Following a different track has been a problem I’ve had since childhood when I would question accepted teaching which later turned into an appearance of Bolshevism on my part.  I don’t believe I’ve been deliberately ‘bolshie’ at any time, but I do speak my mind and say what I mean, this as you can tell has led to problems, but hey ho that’s life.  Some will now realise, if they’ve read my earlier posts, this ‘different track’ has led me to already challenge accepted doctrine, which I hope is regarded as healthy, but even if it isn’t I’ll continue.

So now, am I beginning to see the light?  Yes I think I am!  By looking back at the projects and exercises I’ve already undertaken I can see that although they are discrete components in themselves, they do need to be strung together by me, the student, to present to the tutor not only my understanding of the mechanics of photography, but also the art…….. but perhaps with my own anarchic point of view.


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