Assignment 2: Elements of Design Rework

The idea behind this assignment is to incorporate the insights you’ve learned so far.  Produce a set of at least 10 images, all of a similar subject, which between them will show the following effects: –

  • single point dominating the composition
  • two points
  • several points in a deliberate shape
  • a combination of or vertical and horizontal lines
  • diagonals
  • curves
  • distinct, even if irregular shapes 
  • at least two kinds of implied triangle
  • rhythm
  • pattern

Choose one from the group of subjects offered for all the images; I chose ‘the raw materials of food’.

It would be easy to make images of lines and curves that filled the requirement of the assignment brief, that is to show them as stand-alone in the shapes required as asked for earlier in the exercises for this part of the course, but I don’t think that is what’s being asked for now.

So far the course has taken me through some of the elementary camera skills and compositional techniques that attempts to ensure that all course participants come to the same level as they progress through this course module.  As we progress it becomes incumbent upon us, the student, to integrate the skills and techniques learned into our image making.

With that in mind, to fail to make images where the required elements are included in a  total composition, when the learning has pointed out in that section that lines strengthen composition, would not prove how completely I’ve understood the teaching.  Therefore although I’m now trying to keep my images simple, to fail to use lines to draw the eye to a particular point/object/subject/scene within my image would fail to employ the lines correctly.

Single Point: f/16 ISO 100 1″ 125mm

Two Points: f/16 ISO 100 4″ 122mm

Single Point Dominating The Composition & Two Points

It took 19 attempts to get these two photographs; the lighting, the positioning, combination of objects and focus were all a problem throughout, but I think I’ve ended up with two that make the grade on all points.

The purpose of the assignments, as far as I’m aware, is to show your level of learning and, more importantly to my mind, understanding of what has been passed from the course materials, experiences and tutorials up to this point.

In the past, before getting this far in the course, I don’t think, in fact I know, that I wouldn’t have spent as much time as I did creating two images of a still life.  So I have to ask myself why now?  I think it’s because I now look at images totally differently; I look more keenly at focus, lighting and particularly composition.  Once upon a time I might well have placed the garlic bulb in the centre of the scene and only moved it to one side with the addition of the clove, but if I’m honest I don’t think I’d have taken into account the need to place the most dominant object nearer to the centre to make the balance right.


One Response to Assignment 2: Elements of Design Rework

  1. I like your composition, unlike mine where I have little opportunity to redress my images based on my choice of subject it had to be shot on the day, I also had to know what it was that I wanted out of the day! Very challenging

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