Assignment 5: Applying the Techniques of Illustration & Narrative

Imagine that you are about to illustrate a story for a magazine; you have a cover to illustrate and several pages inside ( between 6 and 12 – you can choose).  Even though there may be no text, you should write captions (of any length) to explain and link each picture.

I chose to photograph this event specifically for my final assignment in The Art of Photography because the spectacle of the action, lights and pyrotechnics would provide an extremely suitable subject.

I approached the event organisers, ‘The Cornmarket’, Newbury to request permission to get access to the rehearsal and, as a preferred photographer for the actual event on the night.  After discussing this with Periplum, the international acting company involved, I was given permission, an invitation to the rehearsal and a pass to allow me access to the front of whichever area I chose to be on the night.  In return I have to give Periplum and ‘The Cornmarket’ access to all the images I made for free.

Personally I don’t have the expertise to set out this story in a desktop publisher so that a real idea of the layout can be gauged and so I’ve resorted to following the process I’ve used for every other exercise and assignment and placed the images directly into my blog.  What I have tried to do is arrange the images in such a way that they appear as near to a published document as possible and with the images in the right order, size and captioned to provide both an interesting narrative but also a coherent illustration.

All these images were made hand-held using two lenses, 10- 22mm zoom and 28 – 135 zoom and with ISO 3200.  Further work was done to each image in post-processing in Lightroom 4 and/or Photoshop CS5.


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