Bristol Festival of Photography

Five exhibitions in four and a half hours!  Should be in the Guinness Book of Records; it was quite a feat but worthwhile.  The imagery brought out some great discussion and the members present were just enough to make it cosy without being too small.

Philadelphia Street Gallery

Paolo Woods series ‘Radio Days’.  In Haiti the most common transmission medium for everyone is radio and Woods wanted to show the amazing diversity there appears to be from the hundreds of small radio stations dotted all over the country.

Interestingly the newspaper produced for the festival has one of his images as the front page image, and I, along with others who attended, felt that this was probably the best image he produced in the series we saw see first image below.

Best In Show

Whether or not this image was set-up I can’t say, but the fact that the nun is looking up and the strip picture of the last supper appears to be in her line of sight with that beautiful smile on her face, it’s a picture (pun intended).

Whilst the participants in the images were always different, I couldn’t help myself from considering them pretty much same same because it’s probably not possible to make radio studios look that much different from one another.  The series shown is clearly not the entirety of this story and there are several shots of individuals holding the type of unit they use to listen on to the stations they like.  Each of these images is about the unit and the user has had their anonymity kept by the simple expedient of cropping off their head.  What the images do portray is the vast diversity of what is broadcast and the enthusiasm with which the broadcasters bring to their work.


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