Revelations 1:1

21st September 2011

Sorry about the blasphemy to all those who find this offensive, but I’m personally an agnostic with Christian leanings.

At last I’ve had an explanation of the difference between the sort of photographic images the majority of the public consider really nice and the sort of photographic image that I, as a BA(Hons) student, should be looking to make/take/record, or whatever other verb you prefer for the capture of an image.

What on earth am I talking about?  The simple answer is the pedantic and semantic discussions we all get into when we’re trying to be erudite, and the one that gave me the revelation that started this post was about is a photograph taken, made, recorded or some other word that means that.  So how did that bring about the revelation?  Easy; the argument went on to try to differentiate the meaning of make and take and someone illustrated his understanding with images of before and after the revelation hit him.  This made me have the same revelation. WOW.

Yeah, yawn, so what?  So what this means to me is that whilst I can appreciate what the vast majority of the public consider a really nice photographic image, I can also now appreciate the sort of image I need to and now WANT to make for my degree course; pretty terrific so early in the course!  And of course I can justify being involved with either type of image having had that revelation, fantastic fence-sitting position.


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