Project: Illustration

Exercise: Evidence of action

Produce one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened.

Image 1: f/5 ISO 640 1/25″ 21mm -1EV

In some ways it was rather fortuitous that I broke the bust I’d used in Assignment 4 as it came in very handy to produce this image.  A very co-operative ‘Oscar’ made the image sing, as I’d made quite a number of images without him and they just weren’t right.

Exercise Learning

I was looking forward into the next course DPP, naughty I know, but one of the skills there is to produce ‘real or fake’ images.  This one fits that category as it’s attempting to show a real event, but it’s a faked scene, which is pretty obvious when you really look at it.  But conveying a meaning through imagery isn’t a case of looking for something to happen, you’ll no doubt search for ever waiting for it to happen in real-life and it’ll never happen, or you’ll just miss it, so setting-up a scene that’s as near real-life as possible is the only alternative.  To do that requires some skill and imagination, which I don’t claim to have as this image was, as I said earlier, fortuitous rather than thought up from nothing.


6 Responses to Project: Illustration

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m not too sure – Oscar does have a rather guilty look!

    • Eddy Lerp says:

      Oscar is a very gentle cat and he told me he’d never consider doing any harm to the one who feeds him. I think that’s only ‘cos he can’t open packets himself, lacks opposable thumbs.

  2. Vicki Loader says:

    Poor old Oscar!!

  3. ahjpics says:

    Hi Eddy,

    I agree with your thoughts on Juxtaposition. I too am looking at “outside” images. I think the staged ideas are because for many it may be easier to put together than going out and finding something that fits? If that makes sense. If you have a mo would appreciate your comments on my recent exercises….I am hurtling towards the 5th assignment on TAOP and would appreciate any feedback from anyone. Thanks annette 🙂

    • Eddy Lerp says:

      Unfortunately Annette I’m afraid I’m indisposed for the next 6 weeks having undergone shoulder surgery so typing is very difficult. If feedback is what you need then I suggest you come along to the OCA Thames Valley workshop on 31st May where you’ll meet many students who’re looking for the same thing. I would also suggest that rather than ask for comments on completed exercises and assignments where anything said about them is too late to affect the outcome, you should post your work on the OCA Flickr Group site and ask for comments there, you’ll get a whole range from Level 1 to Level 3 students commenting and possibly a tutor or two.

  4. ahjpics says:

    Thank you for your reply, I hope your shoulder heals soon from the surgery. I am afraid I have to work Saturdays so coming along to one of the Thames valley OCA workshops is difficult.

    Re your comment about about feedback being to late to affect outcome, I see plenty of feedback after the fact on many other posts, maybe mine is just not noteworthy enough.

    I will endeavour to get something up on the flikr site, in due course and time allowing.

    Thanks anyway


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