Project: Colour Relationships

Exercise: Colour Relationships

Part 1

Produce 3 photographs with a combination of primary and secondary colours adjusting the distance, focal length or framing so that the picture is as close to the proportions listed below as possible: –

  • Red Green                         1:1
  • Orange Blue                      1:2
  • Yellow Violet                     1:3

f/5.6 ISO 100 1/200″ 28mm Red/Green 1:1

Colour scanned slide. Fujichrome Sensia 100 Orange/Blue 1:2

f/2.8 ISO 100 1/125″ 7.9mm Yellow/Violet 1:3

I have chosen to use two nature based images for this exercise as I believe that it would be much easier to try to find man-made colours that suit the exercise and would really only show the manufacturers colour palette.  Goethe must surely have based his research on naturally occurring instances of proportional combinations using plants and animals as his subjects.  I have chosen to use images I’ve taken earlier than this exercise requested and I would  justify this approach on the basis that in the middle of an English winter it’s hard to find naturally occurring colour in the correct proportions, and part of this course is about seeing, which to me means seeing the possibilities within an existing image and portfolio.  The third image of the Morris dancers is from a series I took for other exercises within this course and therefore fits the parameters.  Being asked to find, frame and adjust to provide as near the correct proportions as possible has been achieved with these three images, although a small amount of cropping was necessary to provide a pleasing picture, the parts cropped only included partial figures from the dancing and a partial fish from the seascape, the rock formation and sky is as shot.

Tutorial Learning

It could be said that because I chose to use existing images from my library I’ve fudged this exercise, but I would say that the exercise was about learning the proportionality of colour combinations and not about spending time seeking them out.  To the end I believe this exercise was about I think I’ve fulfilled the task set and shown that not only do I understand this concept but that I also have a keen sense of seeing as I was able to pick out three images that represent the needs fully from nearly 17,000 in my library.

I think that whilst it would be nice to be able to take these proportions into account whenever one makes an image, it would be foolhardy to become a slave to the rule and I think that I would recognise when the proportions are so incorrect as to render the image ugly.


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