Project: Real and Implied Triangles

Produce two sets of triangular compositions in photographs, one using ‘real’ triangles, the other making implied triangles.


  • Find a subject which is itself triangular (it can be a detail of something larger).
  • Make a triangle by perspective, converging towards the top of the frame.
  • Make an inverted triangle, also by perspective, converging towards the bottom of the frame.


  • Make a still-life arrangement of five or six objects to produce a triangle with the apex at the top.
  • Make a still-life arrangement as above, but so the that the triangle is inverted, with the apex at the bottom.
  • Arrange three people in a group picture in such a way that either their faces or the lines of their bodies make a triangle.


Real Triangle(s): f/19 ISO 100 1/90″ 18mm


Perspective Triangle Converging To The Top: f/19 ISO 100 1/45 “55mm

Perspective Triangle Converging At The Bottom : f/9 ISO 100 1/125″ 23mm


Implied Triangle Apex At Top : f/3.5 ISO 100 0.7″ 18mm

Implied Triangle Apex At Bottom : f/3.5 ISO 100 1″ 18mm

Implied Triangle With People : f/4 ISO 100 0.7″ 29mm

Exercise Learning

Finding images whether with real or implied triangles isn’t particularly difficult as there is an abundance in life.  The hard part is to find ‘perspective’ images that have any meaning and/or artistic value simply to fulfil an exercise objective.  I think that where possible it would always be wiser to use any triangles that present themselves that are real or implied and leave the ‘perspective’ ones to the time when an artistic/compositional need or requirement would make the usage of such an advantage.


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