Welcome to my Open College of the Arts BA photography log.

There’s plenty of blogs on the web covering this subject and my log is one  that has to be kept as a part of the course.  I do hope however that as the log progresses it will become really interesting and certainly the images associated with it will be of different subjects to anyone else’s, although many will have undergone the same treatment as theirs to fulfill the requirements of the course.

Please do look around and come back occasionally to find out what’s happened and changed, and do please leave your comments, good or bad, so that I can improve.

Now that I’ve completed The Art of Photography I’ve moved on to Digital Photographic Practice, and for those interested you can also check out my efforts for People & Place and Gesture & Meaning



3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Paul Perri says:

    Good morning I think that your blog is really nice!

  2. Mali says:

    How cool is that … I’m a retired military too ! I’ve served for 5 years before getting badly injured, went thru 4 surgery so far and still waiting for an other one. Good things about that is they are paying for schooling and salary still.

  3. I have realized that in old digital cameras, extraordinary detectors help to aim automatically. Those sensors of some cameras change in contrast, while others start using a beam involving infra-red (IR) light, specially in low light. Higher standards cameras often use a combination of both techniques and might have Face Priority AF where the dslr camera can ‘See’ the face and focus only upon that. Thank you for sharing your thinking on this blog site.

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