In The American East – Richard Bolton

Source: In The American East – Richard Bolton


About Eddy Lerp

68 years old and still struggle to become better educated. Study at the Open College of The Arts for BA(jobs) Photography. Have a gorgeous fiancee who supports me through thick and thin and really helps me with my crazy quests and adventures.
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2 Responses to In The American East – Richard Bolton

  1. Catherine says:

    I was interested in Charlotte Oestervang’s work and how different it can be. The Appalachian work seems very much the work of Diane Arbus. I much prefer the series she did on Kashmir.

    • Eddy Lerp says:

      I absolutely agree C, the Kashmir images are very original whereas the Appalachia are just copies of all the old FSA stuff.

      That’s the problem with documentary trying to find an original way of telling a story through images which transmit your feelings and emotions without falling into the trap of repetition.

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