Magnum: The Founders

Magnum: The Founders.


About Eddy Lerp

68 years old and still struggle to become better educated. Study at the Open College of The Arts for BA(jobs) Photography. Have a gorgeous fiancee who supports me through thick and thin and really helps me with my crazy quests and adventures.
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11 Responses to Magnum: The Founders

  1. Catherine says:

    A good summary to read Eddy. Was just wondering whether you you would like to ’emulate’ any of them in terms of their style.

    • Eddy Lerp says:

      I don’t think I would Catherine, Capa clearly was an out and out war junky, Cartier-Bresson seems to have had a sixth sense to help him and Chim just doesn’t do anything for me, I’d much rather try and develop my own unique style actually.

      • Catherine says:

        Well – we’re always being asked to reference photographers and say who has influenced us. Presumably we absorb some of all that into what then becomes our own style.

  2. Eddy Lerp says:

    I know what you mean Catherine, but does ‘influence’ mean ’emulate’ or ‘pick bits from’? Influence can also be positive, negative or even ambivalent, but to me it doesn’t mean change my style because of, it just helps me decide if the path I’m taking has any relevance.

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